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Life is the sea that never ceases to smash to pieces the person that I claim myself to be
The absolute essence of me, laid out for all to see
Left out to dry by this so-called “sea”.

Friends are the waves that come and go, ebb and flow,
Carrying themselves ever farther from me
They dare not be seen with one so unclean,
Impure by unanimous decree
With but a word they could save, but instead gossip and rave.
No more do they crave, these things called “waves”.

Enemies are the water that tries to drown me, it surrounds me
Acting in ways meant to confound me
To take a drink means death I know, but I crave that cold drink so…
…but no…
I dare not drink…I think…
To welcome this water is to welcome relief
To give in to grief for one last reprieve.
But while how I got here is hard to perceive, I know that this “water” is not how I leave.

Because you are the air that gives me life, erases strife,
Cuts though this sea that I call life
Drives off the water, brings back the waves
The person I claim to be is saved.
I wrote this in March of 2008.
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June 2, 2008
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